Kids Research

There are certain things kids won’t be without, despite recession

According to JWT Advertising teens ages 13-19 (74%) are still receiving the same allowance as they did a year ago, which averages US$ 20.70 per week. Some 14% are receiving more and some 13% are

What kids want to be when they grow up and Duracell combined efforts to run a study to find out what kids want to be when they grow up. Here is the list: 1. Veterinarian (18%) 2. Teacher (13%) 3. Athlete / Sports

Pasta and French fries lead the list of favorite “purchased” food items among kids

NPD/CREST, a consumer report data released their top lists of foods and beverages among kids ages 6 and under and also 6 and older. These reports are based on actual items purchased, not necessarily based

Teens buy less music

NPD Group, an entertainment industry analyst company reported teens were acquiring less music. There were three main reasons cited as to why kids purchased fewer downloads in 2008: – 32% of teens were unhappy with

Adults fancy toys, too.

Did you know that 1/4 (24%) of toy and game purchases are intended for adult use? These users are mosl likely males ages 18-24 and work in arts, entertainment, or recreation-related fields. They are also