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The way to a family’s heart is through the kids!

38 million U.S. families spend a combined $ 2.7 trillion a year. Now, more than ever, parents ask kids’ input on where the money goes. Kids today weigh in on just about everything, after the

San Francisco issues preliminary approval on ban against kids’ incentives

During the last couple of days, I have heard, read and seen all sorts of blogs, posts, news and comments regarding the possible ban on kids meal toys and incentives that could be made into

McDonald’s threatened with lawsuit for their happy meals

The CSPI is once again on the news as they filed notice of suit against McDonald’s today Tuesday, claiming that the use of toys to market their kids menu is illegal, predatory and wrong. The

Balance: Marketing to kids and parents

During the last few weeks, there has been a lot of talk about how aggressive brands are about targeting kids without taking into consideration how parents may feel like. These brands get a lot of

Chipotle kids: good move

A few weeks ago Chipotle announced that they would expand their kids’ menu originally launched in April in some Denver stores, to some 20+ locations throughout California. At the moment is unknown if this will