Excessive online marketing towards kids in the UK? There is hope in the horizon

Some of the brands that have been criticized the most for their excessive marketing and for sending subliminal messages to kid are now doing their part to put a stop to the relentless excessive online

Former Hasbro CEO speaks up

Former Hasbro’s CEO Alan G. Hassenfeld served as chairman and CEO of Hasbro, the toy maker founded by his grandfather in 1923, for 18 years. He also serves as co-chair of the International Concil of

Mattel issues third recall

Mattel Inc., whose reputation has been battered by two high-profile toy recalls this summer, will announce on Wednesday the recall of a third batch of Chinese-made toys because they may contain excessive amounts of lead

Fisher Price issues recall of over a million China-made toys

This major recall due to excessive amounts of lead, affected not only the US market, but China, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Spain and other European countries. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) instructs that the