Satisfries by Burger King to hit restaurants this week

Satisfries by Burger King to hit restaurants this week

This week BK is launching their new fries that they say have 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than the ones offered by competitor McDonald’s. These new fries are only an option and are not substituting the current fries offered by Burger King, which contain 25% more calories and about 33% more fat that the new launched fries.

In certain locations, there is already a price difference between the new Satisfries and the regular fries (US$ 2.29 vs US$ 2.19). The difference in price is not extreme and as many locations, pricing could vary depending on the franchise group that offers that specific product.

There is not hint that McDonald’s will come up with their own healthier alternative to their very popular fries, but, should they? Will BK’s “satisfries” make a difference in sales or are they simply in place to keep health organizations calm?


You can tell them apart as they have the “crinkle” look to them. There are already claims online that when people order them by their name (Satisfries) some employees at certain locations do not have a clue what they are. So you may have to refer to them as the “crinkle-fries” for them to be able to identify them.


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