Articles by Angel Morales

Chipotle’s Secret Menu (and kids’ meal plan)

(Featured in QSR Magazine – October 2009) – Angel Morales, a family marketing consultant at C3 International, thinks the kids’ menu is a good move, though somewhat belated…read more.

Boogie Fever Hits Nicaraguan Restaurant Chain

(Featured in ASI Central Magazine – July 2009) – Who says a restaurant meal promotion has to fit in the container the meal comes in? Definitely not Tip Top, a Nicaraguan-based chain focused mostly on chicken…read more.

Marketing To Kids Isn’t (All) Child’s Play

(Featured in Wearables Magazine – January 2009) – If there are children in your family or circle of friends, you know kids have a way of getting what they want…read more.

Kids’ Meal Promo on Track to be a Winner

(Featured in Advantages Magazine – December 2008) – When your restaurant chain is called Biggest, naturally you want big promotional ideas, even for your kids’ meal toys. For help, El Salvador-based hamburger chain of that name turned to C3i…read more.

Eco Friendly Kids Programs Get Major Attention 

(Featured in Advantages Magazine – July 2008) – When a company is based on an island as beautiful as Puerto Rico it’s easy to see why they would take an interest in preserving the environment…read more. (PDF FORMAT 2MB)

Is Your Golf Range Kid Friendly? 

(Featured in Golf Range Times – May 2008) – Angel Morales shares some very important tips on how to attract young customers to your Golf range…read more. (PDF FORMAT 6MB)

Kids Eat up Movie Premiums along with Meals

(Featured in Advantages Magazine – April 2008) – How does a smaller restaurant chain compete locally with the huge international franchises? One was is to give it a local twist…read more. (PDF FORMAT 1MB)

Kids Meal Toys: Power of Language and Culture

(Featured on – How you communicate your message to kids can have a tremendous impact on the perception your promotion and even your brand have among kids and among families as a whole. Kids marketing expert Angel Morales explains the power of language and culture when it comes to kids meal toys…read more.

Marketing to Kids – Get the Most Out of Your Investment

(Featured on – Are you currently marketing to your kids? If so, are you getting the most out of your investment?…read more.

Build a Successful Kids Meal Program

(Featured on – Are you in the restaurant industry? If so, you know that most restaurant operators need a workable plan to attract families and build patron loyalty…read more.

Say No to Kid Meal Bullies

(Featured on – Do you own a restaurant that provides kid meal toys? Don’t be bullied by companies that are known to push small restaurants like yours into ordering beyond your needs…read more.

Marketing Value in Kids Meal Toys

(Featured on – What is the value of a kids meal program? Kids marketing expert Angel Morales shares with you the marketing value
of kids meal toys and how they can bring you a lifetime customer…read more.

The Demanding Demographic

(Featured in QSR Magazine) – Marketing to today’s kids could be your biggest brands challenge. Read this article published by QSR magazine
and learn what Angel has to say about marketing to this demanding generation…read more.(PDF FORMAT 8MB)

Toy Production and Manufacturing in China: The Effect of Cost Increases 

A lot of Chinese industries have taken a hit where it hurts: the bottom line. The consistent increase
of costs in China, during the last 24 months, have driven businesses and factories in China and Hong Kong to narrow their margins to numbers that would scare away the most risky investors in the US and around the world…read more.

Guide to a Smart Expansion 

(Featured in QSR Magazine) – For companies looking to take their brands abroad, resources are available to make the growth successful and sustainable. Angel Morales shares his expertise and viewpoint in a recent interview conducted by QSR Magazine…read more.

Who’s the Boss?

(Featured in Restaurants & Institutions Magazine) – When families eat out, kids play a major role in determining where they go. Kids have significant influence on where families choose to eat. Angel Morales explains how to hit the target in a recent interview conducted by Restaurants & Institutions Magazine…read more.

Taking Your Business International…Dream or Nightmare? 

Lots of companies will jump on the idea and the opportunity to go international…but will this be the right decision
or the beginning of a global nightmare?…read more.

Get Real – You Do Need a Kids Meal!

Are kids meal programs important to today’s food industry? Can it really make a difference in increased sales? Kid
Marketing expert Angel Morales believes it can. This informative article sheds light on why in fact kids meals can increase a restaurants sales by nearly 20%…read more.

Kids Meal Toys: Evaluating Packaging Options

The idea behind a kids’ meal program is to increase traffic, sales, brand awareness and to catch the spirit of the client’s brands. What should you consider when evaluating
your packaging options? Kids marketing expert Angel Morales shares with you insight that will help guide you in making the right decision when it comes to your kids meal toys…read more.