Kids seek healthier food options

Kids seek healthier food options

For the last few years, adults have been on a health craze seeking better options and pushing restaurants to come up with alternatives that fit their needs. But a new study by Y-Pulse once again confirms what we have mentioned repeatedly for the last couple of years. Children continue to demand and request healthier meals from quick service restaurants.

When it comes to health and freshness, kids’ expectations have been raised and this is pushing the industry to take note. Young customers are demanding more choices, healthier options and wish to have more transparency as to the origin of the foods they are going to have.  Y-Pulse pointed out that “eating healthier” does not necessarily mean “low-fat” or “sugar-free”, but also having options that are “fresh” and even “homemade”.

The study was based on questions given to 500 boys and girls throughout the USA between the ages of 8-13. Here are interesting facts from the study:

– 63% of kids “love” eating at quick-service restaurants (up from 48% back in 2010)

– 26% of kids “like” eating at quick-service restaurants (up from 22% back in 2010)

– 1% of kids “hate” eating at quick-service restaurants (down from 9% back in 2010)

– Tacos and Pizza are among the items kids love the most

– High quality is associated with “fresh” and “homemade”.

A lot of chains have taken note of these tendencies for the last 2 years and several of them have made changes in their offerings to kids. Kids’ menus are ever-evolving. The typical “hamburger & fries” is no longer the leader…and changing fries for apples and pop for juice may not be enough to keep these savvy little customers hooked. Fresh options, bold flavors and innovative offerings might lead to better results.




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