Kids Holiday Factoids

Kids Holiday Factoids

The holidays are here and kids and families will continue to make it a multi-billion dollar industry.

C3 International knows everybody loves feeling like a kid around the holidays. People like being warm, cheerful and close-knit at home, but buying gifts & sharing meals are fun traditions that get people out of the house and to your door…or the door or your competitor. The more you know, the higher the chances of making your door a place for them to knock.

– Families expect to spend US$ 1,260 on holidays gifts this year, out of which US$ 529.60 will go to gifts for kids!

– 36% of parents say their kids return the favor by spending their own money on family gifts.

– 70% of parents say they donate gifts and/or money to charity during the holiday season.

– Around 2 million kids go to the movies on December 25th.

– More than 21 million letters are written to Santa by kids in the USA each year.

– 2/3’s of moms let their kids stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Boys and girls are really not much different. 8 -9 year old boys prefer tablets, 10-12 year old boys prefer laptops while 13-15 year old boys prefer smart phones. 8-9 year old girls favor smart phones and clothing, 10-12 year old girls also prefer laptops while 13-15 year old girls favor clothing.

Parents end up spending their money on clothing (41%), toys (31%) and electronics (20%).

Restaurants can really capitalize and make good profits. 50% of all Americans will dine out with their families during the holiday season. 60% of consumers say they would like to receive a restaurant gift card for the holidays. 68% of Americans plan to spend up to US$ 500 at restaurants during the holiday season.

Do you want to know how to better target kids and families during the holiday season and throughout the year? Contact C3i.

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