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The way to a family’s heart is through the kids!

38 million U.S. families spend a combined $ 2.7 trillion a year. Now, more than ever, parents ask kids’ input on where the money goes. Kids today weigh in on just about everything, after the

Kids seek healthier food options

For the last few years, adults have been on a health craze seeking better options and pushing restaurants to come up with alternatives that fit their needs. But a new study by Y-Pulse once again

Birthdays are a big business for restaurants

Birthdays are extremely important to both kids and families. When you think birthdays, you think fun and celebration. Families spend money to have fun and to celebrate and you want to ensure this celebration is

No more foam cups at McDonald’s

Next time you go to McDonald’s for a cup of coffee you might not get it in the foam cup you are accustomed to. Instead, you will most likely receive it in a paper cup.

Brand recognition by age

If you own a restaurant or chain of restaurants, you know the importance that kids and families play in the success of your locations. Brand recognition and awareness are key factors as it relates to