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Kids Holiday Factoids

The holidays are here and kids and families will continue to make it a multi-billion dollar industry. C3 International knows everybody loves feeling like a kid around the holidays. People like being warm, cheerful and

Birthdays are a big business for restaurants

Birthdays are extremely important to both kids and families. When you think birthdays, you think fun and celebration. Families spend money to have fun and to celebrate and you want to ensure this celebration is

Counting calories in kids’ meals

A lot of people these days are calorie crazy and with reason. In the US, obesity has reached frightening proportions, and while restaurants are not the only ones to be blamed, most people point their finger at

Reasons why self-liquidating offers are not always a good option in restaurants

I have many customers that often contemplate the idea of running a self liquidating offer (SLO) with toys and are curious to see what works and what does not. There is no formula that will

How to get the most out of Playgrounds in Restaurants

We have received a large numbers of inquiries following an email that we sent to a lot of our clients and prospects regarding indoor and outdoor playgrounds for restaurants. During the evaluation process, we normally