Birthdays are a big business for restaurants

Birthdays are a big business for restaurants

Birthdays are extremely important to both kids and families. When you think birthdays, you think fun and celebration. Families spend money to have fun and to celebrate and you want to ensure this celebration is done at YOUR location.

In the USA alone, 750,000 people celebrate a birthday any given day. If you were born on October the 5th, you share the most popular birthday in America together with almost 960,000. If your birthday however is on May 22, you have the rarest birthday in the US.

Have you ever forgotten your own birthday? If so, you are not alone. A total of 7% of people forget their own birthday once in a while. One of the things you won’t forget about is shopping for someone special. The birthday industry accounts for US$ 10 billion! 65% of that money is spent on kids’ birthdays. And let’s face it, there are a lot of kids today and there will be even more later. Within the next decade, we will be getting close to the 80 million mark in the United States alone (under 18).

If you are a parent, you want to celebrate with your kid in a big way. 98% of parents say they are going to have a party for their kid. That can amount to a lot of parties! The most important part of that is that 64% of them say they would rather have that party OUT of the house so make sure your restaurant or location offers a birthday club or a birthday package. There is a huge opportunity here and you need to capitalize from it. 50% of parents spend anywhere between US$ 75 to US$ 200 on a kid’s birthday party and 20% of them spend even more.

The most popular birthday gifts last year were toys (duh!), video games and clothing. Apple products were very close behind, but for now, toys take the cake!

If you already have a birthday club and are sending emails and congratulations to the happy birthday people, then you are on the right track. Birthday emails get 60% more click-throughs than any other type of email communication or message. Make sure you implement this onto your program if you still haven’t.

So by now you should be convinced that you should offer some type of birthday celebration package at your restaurant. How about themes?  Following are the top-10 party themes trending on Pinterest:

– Rainbow (eeeew!)

– Vintage

– Art

– Grown-up Glam

– Mustaches

– Shapes

– Tea Party

– Neon

– Carnival/Circus

– Planes

– Trains and Automobiles

Ok, in my opinion, most of those themes suck, but I don’t decide, so there you have them. Stick with automobiles and I will attend the party – promise.

Let’s talk more birthday stuff. Birthdays are the most celebrated occasion for a special dinner out for both kids and adults. 71% celebrate birthdays by dining out. Second is date-night with 47%, followed by anniversaries with 33%, Holiday with 23% and Achievements with 20%. Be sure that in addition to offering some sort of birthday package, that you also offer love-birds an incentive to visit your location.

If you need more ideas on how to make your restaurant a birthday hit, contact me…but make sure I get some cake.

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