2009 November

Star Wars Happy Meal – Augmented Reality hits France

This is one of the kids promotions that is causing major buzz today, not only in France, but throughout Europe. A lot of consumers wish they could get their hands on them. This is the

Excessive online marketing towards kids in the UK? There is hope in the horizon

Some of the brands that have been criticized the most for their excessive marketing and for sending subliminal messages to kid are now doing their part to put a stop to the relentless excessive online

Balance: Marketing to kids and parents

During the last few weeks, there has been a lot of talk about how aggressive brands are about targeting kids without taking into consideration how parents may feel like. These brands get a lot of

New Research shows families still do activities together despite new media technology

Nichelodeon in partnership with Harris Interactive released a study that shows that 82% of families still watch TV together and 77% of families watch movies together at home each week. Here are some additional findings