2009 June

Photos of new McDonald’s Ice Age Happy Meal toys – Transformers who?

Mc.Donald’s and Twentieth Century Fox have launched the toys for the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs movie to hit theatres July 1st, 2009. Different toys have and will be released throughout the world with

Fast Food restaurants agree on new kids marketing code

Australia’s fast food industry agreed to a voluntary code in order to govern the way they currently market their products to children. This code will set new nutritional standards for the food that is featured

BK aims at blowing people…away?

Once again Burger King is making news, headliners and getting a lot of free publicity (you are welcome BK) with their new “It’ll BLOW your mind away” campaign that features the BK Super Seven Incher

C3 International manufactures figurines for El Delfin, the movie

C3 International will launch promotional figurines in exclusive international markets to accompany the release of El Delfin, a CGI 3D movie to be release in October throughout South America, Central America and Europe. Dolphin Films

BK Transformers launched – Fast Food transforms too

Burger King launched a promotion tied to the June 24 release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. This new effort includes a game, dubbed “Transform Your Way”, as part of which consumers can win prizes